The Nordic approaches to ECEC policy and pedagogy have raised international interest.

This conference aims to showcase the Nordic example and present experiences and research to a wider international audience of politicians, policy makers, researchers and practitioners.

The conference will be both a political and a professional forum. One part of the conference will seek to increase the knowledge of what the Nordic approaches to ECEC are, and how we beileve it contributes to good education and care for the youngest children. In addition, the conference will provide an opportunity to discusss topics such as early intervention, inclusion, belongingness and integration.

Pedagogies, that value childhood and support children’s formation of broad life-skills and democratic citizenship, have gained interest and momentum. Developing agency and the abilty for children to contribute to and take part in the community is vital for the Nordic approach to ECEC.

The conference will include presentations and discussions. The conference will allow for interaction and discussions between participants on topics related to policy development in early childhood education, curriculum for integrated services, play, learnng, the teacher/educators role, gender equality, inclusion and child/parents/ community involvment.

The program is developed in collaboration with The Nordic Ministries and Nordic teacher/pedagogue unions. The conference is hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Reasearch and the Union of Education in Norway and is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Invitations will go out to international networks for policy makers, researchers and teacher unions.