• The role of play in quality ECEC
    – how is play understood and supported?
  • “Educare”
    – the motivations and what it means to combine education and care in early childhood practices
  • Children’s participation
    – intentions, practices and consequences
  • Parents’ involvement
    – why and how?
  • Setting goals
    – setting goals for the learning environment and children’s experiences, what are the outcomes?
  • Pedagogical leadership
    – working in teams, how is pedagogical leadership developed and used to deliver quality for children?
  • Teacher sensitivity
    – as part of the professional role, what does it take?
  • Full day ECEC
    – pedagogy integrated in everyday life, all day, what does it require and what are the outcomes?
  • ECEC for children under the age of three– what is quality and how are good pedagogical practices developed and supported?
  • Topics, not subjects?
    – how is content for exploration and learning defined and supported in practice? Interdisciplinary thematic approaches in ECEC.
  • Friendship and community
    – the importance of peer relationships in ECEC
  • Outdoor Kindergartens
    – how and why?
  • Pedagogies and practices for inclusive ECEC
    – universalism and targeted approaches
  • Arts and Creativity
    – pedagogical practices, motivations and outcomes